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Prologue: Off to Pallet Town

Come on.. We should be there by now.. Eva thought as she was looking down at the ground. "Storm, I think you should fly lower now. I don't think we have much further, so we must make sure we don't miss it."
"Swellow!" The Pokémon nodded, and flew low enough that the clouds weren't blocking their sight anymore. And really, as soon as he did, Eva could see the first houses of Pallet Town. She was happy for that, as Storm was getting pretty tired - after all, it's not such an easy task to fly all the way from Petalburg to Pallet, especially if you have to carry someone on your back and only have one stop before the end, like Storm did.
"Swee?" Storm asked. Eva looked at him.
"Just a bit further.. Here. I think you could land there, by these trees. So we won't drag too much attention." Storm nodded, and flew towards the ground. When they landed and Eva stepped on the ground, she opened her bag and took out a bowl and a can of Pokémon food. She opened the can and put the food in the bowl.
"Here you go, Storm. You really deserve it. Thanks for the flight."
"Swee!" Storm said happily as he began eating the food. Eva pat him. When he ate all of the food, she took out a PokéBall.
"You can rest now." She returned the Swellow in his pokéball, and then put the bowl and the empty can back in her bag. She looked around and took  a deep breath. So, this is Pallet Town. Seems like a nice place. So.. According to the guide, this is where the trainers here start out, and the professor's name is Professor Oak. But I don't think I'll go there today, I should take a rest first.. But where? she thought as she looked around. Well, guess I'll have to ask someone here. So she put her bag on her back, and walked towards the town.


"Thank you very much for letting me stay here, Mrs. Ketchum!" Eva said happily as she looked around the room she was given to sleep in.
"Oh, that's no problem. It will be nice to have kids in this house again." Eva secretly rolled her eyes when she was called a 'kid', but decided not to complain about it. After all, this was the best place she could get.
"Mhm.. And you know, your son's my idol*. And I want to take on a journey just like he did!"
"Really? That's sweet!" Delia complimented. "Well, I guess I should let you pack off now. See you tomorrow!" She smiled, and then she left the room.

Eva sat on the bed. What a nice woman.. And she is Ash's mother! I really got lucky for being able to stay here for the night.. But tomorrow.. Tomorrow comes the most important day of my life. Tomorrow I set on a journey to become the greatest Pokémon trainer there ever was! Better even than Ash!
With those thoughts she changed to her pajamas and got in the bed. It was still day outside, though the sun would set in about two or three hours. But, Eva was very tired, and she didn't see any reason to stay awake any longer. Plus, she didn't want to be late.
"Tomorrow" she whispered to herself as she slowly fell asleep.

*by 'idol' I meant it as someone she looks up to and who she wants to be like.
If you're a fan of the original (older) Pokémon anime over the new one, then you're going to love this story!

Got inspiration for this when I was at sea and I spent some of my time watching the old Pokémon episodes on my brother's laptop (he has them all downloaded). I was so delighted, and happy, to see the old episodes again.. And some of them were the ones I never saw before, because I missed a lot of them somehow. And I got all happy in a nostalgic way and such, and a great idea got into my mind... It's more to it than just any person's Pokémon journey. Well, you can already guess it since Eva says Ash is her idol.. And there's some interesting stuff with- No, wait. I shouldn't give out too much spoilers, especially not at once..

If you are confused about anything, feel free to ask. And if you think I could be doing something better, also feel free to say so, and if you have any suggestions, feel free to tell them, as well!

Though, some of the stuff that might be confusing now, will be explained later in the story. But, you can still ask if you want to know before the next chapter(s) are written.

I also decided to ask people if they could make art for it (it would be something like an art trade), and also hold a small guessing game, and winners also get a drawing from me, so if you want more information or want to enter, here it is: [link]

Chapter 1: Who's that Starter Pokémon? -[link]
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redwallninja Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
cool! so, i have a question! how old is ash in this story? cuz he's not a kid anymore, apparently
and how old is your character eva? she sounds about 14-15. oo, and what does she look like!?!?!
hmm, that was more than one question . . . . .i'll stop now ^^;
LovePikaNizzy Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Well I am not exactly sure myself what Ash's age would be here, but I guess he's about 15 or so. I'd only be able to tell his exact age if I watched every single episode and movie so far, and count it as a year every time a season repeats (for example every winter in the anime, and if it's the same season in two or more episodes that directly follow each other, it is still the same-year season), and all times it was mentioned a year has passed since this and that, and all Ash's anniversaries (and so far the only one I know is the one celebrated in the movie Pikachu & Pichu), and then calculate that.

And Eva is about 12 or 13, something like that. At first I meant her to be my age (13), then 10, now something between which even I myself am not exactly sure about.
As for how she looks like..
..Well, I'm not exactly sure. *shot, brick'd and killed to death*
Because it's so friggin' hard to come up with appearance of human characters. But I obviously couldn't make her non-human.. Unless she was Mewtwo but she can't be Mewtwo and there is only one (..or two? xD) Mewtwo, and that Mewtwo will appear sometime later (whoops spoilers! But.. it's gonna be a looong while until Mewtwo comes to the scene.)
Well okay enough of the puns (because everything where I mentioned Mewtwo was a pun of some kind, except that he really will appear in the story and it really will be a long while till that happens.. I think.). What I know about her appearance is that she has straight brown hair that ends a bit lower than her shoulders, and her clothing style (like, hat, jeans, t-shirt and coat, and shoes) is quite like Ash's, except of course that her clothes are made for girls (except the ones where there is no difference in girl and boy clothing, like the hat) and are different colors (and maybe different pattern on hat), though I'm not exactly sure what color would they be (except jeans, which are darker than Ash's.) or what would be the pattern on her hat. And she has a backpack (still not sure about color..)

Phew, that was a lot of talk wasn't it? Well I guess I should stop now.
I also decided to ask people if they could make art for it (it would be something like an art trade), and also hold a small guessing game, and winners also get a drawing from me, so if you want more information or want to enter, here it is: [link]
..And now I'll add this last part to the description.
redwallninja Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
woah . . . . .kewl~! :icongrin--plz: i just might do one ^^
LovePikaNizzy Featured By Owner Aug 16, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! :3
Though if you want to participate in this chapter's Guessing Game I'd suggest you to hurry up because I'm keeping the next chapter from being submitted until I get at least some guesses...
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